De Vine Wine is our venue to provide clients professional advice on wines and spirits and business advice on the wine industry.

Consumers: We provide advice on the varieties of wine available, hold private and group tastings, and provide input to wine cellar design.

Restaurants, Resorts, and Bars: We partner with these establishments to help build and maintain a cellar that will include not only well known wines but also those wines that will pair well with menu selections; advice on menu and wine card presentation; merchandising and selling wines.

Wine Industry: Work with vineyard and winery organizations to provide quality products and deliver them to the consumer through innovative marketing strategies.

Providing consulting services to consumers, restaurants, bars, and resorts, and wine industry professionals regarding wine sales, purchases, and storage.


Mon-Sat: 13:00-19:00fine_wine_1 copy
Sunday: Closed

Kaiserstrasse 40
66849 Landstuhl, DE
Phone: +49 (0) 6371 977 3060