Ora Prosecco Superiore


Hence the fusion between a winery and a creative company.
ORA wine distinguishes itself from other brands thanks to its freshness and dynamism.
ORA aims to reach the consumers in a concrete way by introducing innovative packaging and new concepts. The brands success grows around two distinct aspects: On one side the quality wine production, on the other combination of marketing and sales.

Ora Prosecco Superiore Vineyards Area
Our vineyards are located in the historic area of Prosecco, for that reason, we are a member since 2012 of the pretigious consortium CONEGLINAO VALDOBBIADENE DOCG.


Vineyards: 16 hectares on Coneglianno Valdobbiadene DOCG area.
Working Methods: Line breeding / production based on quality. All processing in vineyard are made by hands.
Harvest: Entirely hand-made in plastic boxes in such a way that the grapes arrive at the winery healthy and intact.
Vinification: Made with soft pressing (yield 70%), cold settling and fermentation with controlled temperature.
Fermentation: Frequent and small quantities of bottles to avoid long stocks of the product in the warehouse.


Name: Read and imagine. ORA means now, moment, this is the Prosecco style, a way of drink. Every occasion is good to drink a good glass of Prosecco, hence the name ORA (now).

Bottle: Why a front and a back? Each side is good! Hence the idea of two round labels applied equidistant to create a bottle with a unique and unmistakable silhouette.

Box: Not only a container but a real vehicle of ideas and thoughts. On one side of the box we decided to create a space like postcard, so you can write one thought or a message to someone.