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Domaine Brisebarre

Domain : Domaine Brisebarre
Winegrower : Philippe Brisebarre
Town : Vouvray
Region : Loire
Appellation(s) : Vouvray
Cultivated Space : 25 ha
Production : 50 000 btles
Soil(s) : Lime and clay, silica and clay

The philosophy of the domain :

Respect of “terroir” and authenticity of the controlled appellation of origin. I’m very
committed to the AOC notion, and especially to the collective scope, without which the
appellation doesn’t exist anymore. I really like this citation of Fr. TRISTAN “Tradition is
not a return to old-fashioned attachment to the past., but the permanence of origins in
time” It reflects my philosophy, to combine tradition and modernity; in a way to manage
the vineyards as much as in the style of my wines. We are lucky to have at our disposal
some unique terroirs. That is the origin! We are the guardians for the future and for the
next generations… that is the endurance. For these reasons, I have installed the
“reasoned” production. The use of grassy soil and management of phytosanitary
treatments, and also a longer ageing of the wine and a control of the use of SO2..

 Mode of driving of the vineyard, wine-making and ageing :

The vineyard is run using a good balance between tradition and modernity, with a great
respect of the terroir. The reasoned production rules are given to all the operation, the
harvest time is decided on each plot depending on the maturity level, either in totality, or
by selection for some vintages and the finality of wine. The vinification, the aging and the
storage of the wines are done in rocky basements, with a daily tracking and temperature
controlled fermentation. Some cuvees are vinified and aged in oak barrels. The bottling is done on the domain, with modern techniques.