Fattoria San Francesca Vino Cirò Storia

Vini Cirò doc e Calabria Igt Fattoria San Francesco

A warm welcome to Fattoria San Francesco. It’s been already some time since, driven by passion and foresight, we decided to catch the historic Fattoria San Francesco. A wonderful basement, equipped with modern facilities and surrounded by gentle slopes overlooking the Ionian Sea and vineyards, in the heart of an area traditionally devoted to viticulture. It is a great honor to carry on this tradition here in Cirò part already from the 8th century b.c., according to the values that made our country a great wine region, while keeping a keen eye on research and technological innovation. I am pleased to share with you this little piece of Fattoria San Francesco, hoping to welcome you one day, among the ancient sun-kissed vineyards of Magna Greece, to drink with a glass of our award-winning wines and rich in history. Antonio Iuzzolini CEO

Vino Cirò, cantina San Francesco

Official Wine of the Olympics

The wine produced in the area of Krimisa was so popular that “Cremissa” was elected as the official wine of the Olympics and offered as a reward, the winners of the Olympic Games of Athens already in 765 BC. It was the first case of official sponsor in a sporting event. If the inhabitants of the ancient “Krimisa”, were dedicated to wine production, over the centuries, the cirotani, have made Calabria wine fingerprint, as well as a valuable attraction and tourist attraction for that stream of visitors interested in the cultivation and culture that revolves around the lives of … Here, every family owns a piece of the vineyard that has been handed down from generation to generation. This is the case of the Iuzzolini family, which for six generations cultivates grapes and produces wine with renewed passion and great skill.