The winery WEINGUT EDUARD KROTH was founded in 1503. As wine growing has been pursued for more than 500 years by the Kroth family, Weingut Eduard Kroth is a very traditional company using their experience for making their excellent wines which comes from the best and steepest vineyards of the Briedel and Zell area.

The current owner, Bartho Kroth (engineer for wine growing and beverage-technology) took over the parental winery in 2004 together with his wife Daniela, after he returned to

the Mosel from a longer stay abroad at a well-known winery in Canada.

Bartho Kroth mainly grows Riesling wine, since some years also the Pinot Noir and Dornfelder. He manages approx. 2,5 hectares of vineyards and carries out work all by himself, supported by his wife, his father and some harvesting employees.