Chateau Piron

Chateau Piron Montagne St Emilion


The winegrower: Gilles Fressineau
Annual production: 60 000 bottles
Alc.: 13% vol
Available in: 75cl, magnum 1.5l
Grape Variety(ies): Merlot (85%) ‐ Cabernet ( 15%)
Type of soil: Clayey dominant on one sat(based) by nature limestone
Yield: 38‐45 hl/ha
Age of the vine: 48 years
Harvest: Mechanical Harvest for vines < 20 years / Hand Harvest for vines > 20 years


Fermentation of 11 days + maceration 3 weeks.

Maturing: Breeding with microphone (micro-computing) oxygenation sleeps off beton + inox + fibre ageing from 18 to 24 months.
Aging potential: Can be laid down for 10‐15 years


Deep garnet‐red. Fairly ripe nose reminiscent of red fruits. Well‐balanced, fruit‐driven palate. The finish is firmer with lightly spiced oak. An authentic, no‐frills style pairing with red meat.


Good match with red meats, games, cheeses. To serve at 16‐18°C.


• Guide Gerber Dussert (2nd grands vins classés).
• Top 100 des meilleurs vins français au Brésil.
• 85/100 Guide Gilbert et Gaillard (vintage 2009)
• 82/100 Gilbert et Gaillard 2012 ( vintage 2010 )
• 85/100 Wine Enthusiast 2012
• 84/100 Gilbert & Gaillard edition 2015 ( vintage 2011)

Winemaker Comments:
“With a generous ground and a moderate climate, an exemplary return which justifies a quality of concentration and perfect tannic balance, the chateau PIRON is an appreciated nectar.”